"We Had A Blast!!"

Waller in the mud!

Tournament Guidelines
    $60 per team registration.  Question Amy Utech 712-299-6775  utechamy@aim.com
Team Guidelines
*Teams are made up of 6 players, roster may include 2 subs for a total of 8.
*Teams must have a minimum of TWO female players on the court at all times.
*Only one registration per team, the team captain will register and fill out a roster.
*EVERY player must fill out a Waiver to participate. Anyone under age 18 must have parent or guardian signature. Download Waivers for your   team prior to registration to speed the whole process.
 *All players must wear shoes in the pit.
*No Coolers allowed. Beer tent and food venders will be open.

*Teams: Please come up with your team name, be witty but not vulgar.

Brackets will be determined after the team registration deadline of August 1, 2017. There will be a 2 game guarantee.

Prize money will be 50% pay back of total registrations determined by number of teams registering. ie 10 teams, $300

Rules of Play

1. If the ball splashes, it is in bounds.
2. Rally scoring.
3. Switch sides when one team scores 8 points.
4. Entire team must rotate clockwise on side out.
5. Players can substitute either before serving or front left position. Subs can come in only at side out.
6. Must win by 2 points.
7. Serve is good if ball hits net and goes over.
8. Ball must make it over in 3 hits or less.
9. No loading the ball with mud.
10. Have fun, use good sportsmanship. Poor sportsmanship will result in being ejected from the tournament.
11. If a rule is not covered here NSAA rules will be the guide.